PersonNathan Neal
Category / Pavilion:  Asia Climate Forum (ACF)
Country:  United Kingdom
Bristol Industrial & Research Associates Ltd (Biral) designs, manufactures and distributes high quality meteorological sensors for professional markets, including aviation, offshore platforms and wind energy.

Biral manufactures the VPF, SWS and RWS ranges of Visibility and Present Weather sensors as well as the unique BTD Thunderstorm Detectors. Our meteorological products are used in the most demanding applications such as aviation, offshore platforms and wind energy.

The Biral name has long been associated with aerosol research and this connection is continued with the development of our Aerosol Optical Tweezers in association with Bristol University.

Biral also develops bespoke products to meet specific customer requirements and has a successful history in collaboration with leading universities.

As a dedicated member of the scientific community Biral actively participated in European scientific projects such as CRAFT and belongs to the Royal Meteorological Society, HMEI, RenewablesUK, National Winter Service Research Group (NWSRG) and the Aerosol Society.

Based in Bristol in the UK, the company was established in 1975 and is privately owned.

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