Services:  Cleaning
Country:  Singapore

Rhima Singapore Pte Ltd specialises in equipment washing systems for businesses, industries and environments where impeccable hygiene and cleanliness are essential. We supply reliable industrial washers off the shelf or custom built to your specifications to comply with HACCP guidelines.

Rhima’s extensive range of specialised equipment includes: machines specifically designed for prosciutto, salami and ham washing; bread and vegetable crate washing; rigid and collapsible crates, manual or fully robotic loading and unloading; 120, 240 and 1,000 litre bin washers; washing machines made to custom requirements; washing and drying machines for chocolate and confectionery moulds; wastewater pre-treatment systems to ensure compliance with local environmental regulations.

In general manufacturing, the need for perfectly clean products is becoming increasingly important. Rhima's technical know-how can be applied to cleaning light engineering parts and components that need to meet high QA criteria. 

In food manufacturing, high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are essential to comply with HACCP guidelines. 


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