Attachment:  Singnergy  (PDF, 352KB)
Services:  Waste Management
Country:  Singapore

SINGNERGY specializes in solutions and services for the valorisation of wasteful products into budding resources with our internationally patented Super-Quick drying technology in an Energy, Space and Time efficient manner.

Our business is in providing decentralized upcycling solutions for various organic and inorganic wastes, from food losses, food wastes and food by-products to sludge, across various commercial and industrial sectors. Our SQ drying solution produces high quality and valuable dried products in food ingredient, animal/aqua/insect feed production. It is also able to retain the calorific value in biomass production while reducing disposal volume and costs.

Singnergy is committed to advancing sustainability by bringing innovative, reliable and efficient wet material treatment solutions to the market through fast and energy efficient conversion of wet waste to renewable resources.


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