Albert Lee
Singapore Pest Management Association

Mr Albert Lee began his pest management career in 2004 as a technician after working as a financial adviser. In Hou Kit Services, his family’s pest management business, he has worn many hats from Environment Control Officer to Marketing, Operations, and Management. Hou Kit Services has been a member of the Singapore Pest Management Association (SPMA) since 2000 and Mr Lee began serving in SPMA Governing Council in 2005 as council member.

Currently serving as President for SPMA, Mr Lee believes that pest management professionals (PMPs), which includes technicians and workers, are the core of the industry. In the East, PMPs are not accorded the same level of appreciation and recognition as their Western counterparts. Mr Lee and the SPMA Governing Council have the vision for Singapore’s pest management industry and seek to uplift, empower and champion PMPs and the pest management businesses that rely on them.

The many causes that Mr Lee and SPMA aspire to work towards include growing public awareness on pest management professionalism, continuous upscaling of education/training provision for PMP, and empowering pest management industry to better serve environment services sector in Singapore.

Mr Lee has also been elected as the Honorary Secretary, current term 2021-2023, of the Federation of Oceanic and Asian Pest Managers Associations (FAOPMA). FAOPMA is a non-profit organisation established in 1989 by members from Asian and Oceanic countries to promote and develop the professional pest management industry throughout the region. The common goals and interest of FAOPMA are to advance the professional pest management industry through the mutual exchange of knowledge, information, experiences and to adopt or develop ‘best practice’ methodologies relevant to the region and specific regional needs.
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