Andrew Benedek
Chairman and CEO,

Dr Andrew Benedek founded Anaergia in 2007 to address the climate crisis by working to eliminate methane emissions from waste. He began his career as a professor at McMaster University in Canada, and left academia to tackle water pollution by founding Zenon, which became the global leader in technology for recycling water. After Zenon was acquired by GE in 2006, Dr Benedek worked briefly at the Scripps Institute of Technology in San Diego, California, where he became interested in finding solutions to climate change. To further his newfound mission, he founded Anaergia, which has since become a world leader in recovering energy, fertilizer, and water from waste. Anaergia is now publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Dr Benedek received his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from McGill University, and a doctorate from the University of Washington. He is the recipient of many international awards including the inaugural Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize, the world’s largest prize for advances in the water field, as well as three honorary doctorates.  

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