David Newman
Managing Director,
European Circular Bioeconomy Policy Initiative, London and Brussels

Mr David Newman lived in Europe and the Middle East until 2016 when he returned to the UK.

He was the Executive Director of Greenpeace Italy 1994-1997 after many years as a volunteer; from 1999 until 2014, he led the Italian composting and biogas association CIC and he led the Italian Bioplastics Association from 2011 to 2015.

From 2012 to 2016, he was President of the International Solid Waste Association. During this time (2012-13) he was personal advisor to the Italian Minister of Environment, Andrea Orlando.

In 2015, Mr Newman founded the Bio Based and Biodegradable Industries Association UK, which works to promote the bioeconomy in the UK, and continues to lead it today.  He also founded and leads the European Circular Bioeconomy Policy Initiative promoting policies in favour of soil health and the bioeconomy in Brussels.

He was President of the World Biogas Association from November 2016 to July 2021.

His e-book titled “Everything is Connected, Understanding a Complicated World” was published in September 2020. 
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