Dr Yasmine Fouad
Minister of Environment of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Ministerial Coordinator and Envoy of the COP-27 Climate Conference,
Arab Republic of Egypt

H.E. Dr Yasmine Fouad was appointed Minister of Environment of the Arab Republic of Egypt on 18 June 2018. She was previously Assistant Minister of Environment since 2014.

Dr Fouad holds MSc in Environmental Science and PhD in Political Science - Euro Mediterranean Studies. She has more than 20 years of experience in environment and international cooperation, working in Government, UN organizations, NGOs and Universities.

In previous positions and assignments, she had supported 1) the Earth Institute in designing a Centre of Excellence for Adaptation to Climate Change; 2) AMCEN President in leading and managing the two climate change initiatives (African Adaptation Initiative (AAI) and African Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI)); 3) Nile Basin Discourse -a regional NGO- in supporting the impact of climate change on water resources in the Nile Basin.

At the academic level, she has been selected as a lead author to chapter four of the IPCC Special Report on “Climate Change, Desertification, Land Degradation, Sustainable Land Management, Food Security and Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in Terrestrial Ecosystems” in 2017.

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