Attachment:  Singnergy  (PDF, 352KB)
Services:  Waste Management
Country:  Singapore

Singnergy Corporation Pte Ltd is a technology company specialising in energy-efficient, super-fast drying solutions, SFi (Super-Fast induction drying technology) and SFc (Super-Fast conduction drying technology), complete with an optional heat recovery and deodorisation system. REVOZ (SFi) directly transfers heat from heating source to wet substance without any heating medium. The drying is completed within a 12 minute single pass cycle in continual operation. Singnergy manufactures robust, compact and decentralised waste treatment systems to provide economical solutions for food waste, animal manure or industrial sludge to convert them into animal/aqua feed, biomass, fertilisers, etc. The equipment can handle a wide range of post-consumer food waste with minimal segregation. Therefore, the amount of manpower required for sorting, disposal, as well as site maintenance is significantly reduced. The dried waste also allows for longer on-site storage durations and requires less disposal trips, therefore, issues regarding pests and overall hygiene are alleviated. We will up-cycle your wet waste to convert them into high value products while reducing overall carbon footprint.


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