PersonLoh Ming Shi
Country:  Singapore
These include Public Waste Collection (PWC), Industrial & Commercial Waste Collection (ICW), Integrated Public Cleaning (IPC), Green Recycling, Commercial and Conservancy Cleaning, Horticulture and Landscaping, Biomass Plant, Sludge Treatment Plant, Laundry Services and Food Digester Services.

With a continuous ambition to streamline operation efficiency and effectiveness. 800 Super is committed to integrate and deploy new technologies, automations, and robotics in our quest to innovate operation models through aggressive Industry Transformation Maps (ITM). Leveraging from a scalable business structure and operation readiness, 800 Super has the expertise, resources, technologies, and commitment to deliver a suite of comprehensive environmental services and solutions as follows.

Our range of services include the following:
• Green Recycling
• Public Waste Collection
• Integrated Public Cleaning
• Commercial Laundry Services
• Biomass (Waste-to-Energy) Plant
• Spent Grain Drying Facility
• Horticultural & Landscaping Services
• Industrial & Commercial Waste Collection
• Sludge Treatment (Waste-to-Energy) Plant
• Municipal Waste Digester (MWD)
• Commercial & Conservancy Cleaning Services

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