Country:  Singapore
Anaergia is a global technology leader in the recovery of resources and valuable products from waste streams with a focus on organic wastes. Our technologies and integrated solutions are used to achieve municipal waste diversion and sustainability targets, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve the quality of life for partnering communities. With over 3 decades of global experience in Anaerobic Digestion, we have built over 1,600 AD plants handling multiple feedstocks. Anaergia has over 250 patented technologies and we have one of the world’s largest and leading portfolio of technologies/ solutions for sludge, organic waste pre-treatment, anaerobic digestion, digestate management, wastewater treatment, fertilizer production technologies.

Featured Products / Solutions:
Anaergia Company Profile Brochure —PDF, 7.75MB
Anaergia Tech - OREX Brochure — PDF, 3.26MB 
Anaergia Tech - PSM Smart Mixing System Brochure —PDF, 2.34MB 

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