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Attachment:  SoftBank Robotics - Whiz  (PDF)
Country:  Singapore

SoftBank Robotics Group specializes in robot integration solutions and has been at the forefront of robotics technology development since the launch of Pepper, its humanoid robot capable of recognizing human emotions, in 2014. The group has continued to innovate with the introduction of Whiz, an AI autonomous floor cleaning robot in 2018, a multi-tray delivery robot in 2021, and automated logistics solutions consulting in 2022. Additionally, through the establishment of SmartBX Co., Ltd, the group also provides smart facility management services. With a global presence in 21 locations across 10 countries, SoftBank Robotics’ robots are deployed worldwide. SoftBank Robotics remains dedicated to advancing towards a society where people and robots coexist through robot transformation (RX), by leveraging its extensive experience and vast operating data.  

Featured Products / Solutions:
1. Whiz — 741.78 KB
2. Gausium Scrubber 50 — 1.29 MB



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