The Landing Zone is designed to host forums, seminars, workshops, and master classes, facilitating collaborative learning and the exchange of innovative ideas. It also provides insights into the future plans, industry trends, and strategies of key industry players.


Landing Zone Schedule
20 June 2024
10:00AM - 1:00PM

Australia on Global Stage: Navigating Sustainable Futures*

Celebrate global connections between Australia and Singapore companies in the Cleantech sector. Meet with Australian government, institutions, cleantech founders, partners, and the VC community. Discuss on the trends, success stories and challenges of Australian Cleantech champions as they attempt to lead the global energy race to net zero.

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1:30PM - 4:30PM

France-Singapore Circular Economy Forum*

This forum is a key initiative during the Joint Year of Sustainability France-Singapore (JYOS), aimed at fostering discussions and actions towards a more sustainable future. The forum will feature two panel discussions sharing perspectives from the industry and goods consumption sectors within the context of the circular economy. Key experts form corporates, startups, researchers, and government agencies will share insights, strategies, and innovations aimed at driving circularity and sustainability in business practices.

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21 June 2024
10:00AM - 4:30PM

ISWA Beacon Conference*

This edition of the ISWA Beacon Conference, themed “Chapter 2: The Correlation Between Waste Management and Climate Change”, aims to highlight the critical role of effective waste management in addressing climate change. Building on the discussions and insights from the previous conference held in Penang, Malaysia, which emphasised the significance of harnessing the circular economy to generate positive impacts, this event will delve deeper into the interconnectedness of waste management practices and climate action. By exploring innovative solutions and strategies, the conference seeks to demonstrate how improving waste management can substantially contribute to climate mitigation and adaptation efforts.

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