Chua Jian Yong
Co-founder and Technology Creator,
Mottainnai Food Tech
Jian Yong graduated from National University of Singapore in 2021 with a PhD degree in Food Science & Technology. He also obtained his Bachelor degree from NUS as well. He is currently an instructor at the department of Food Science & Technology in NUS. Before joining NUS as an instructor, he was the CTO of a local start-up working on food side stream valorisation. His research areas have been in food side stream valorisation and fermentation. His interest in fermentation started when he was working on durian wine fermentation for his undergraduate final year project. In his PhD Candidature, Jian Yong transferred his fermentation knowledge onto food side stream valorisation, therefore demonstrating the feasibility of upcycling food side stream into value-added food products using traditional fermentation technologies. Besides academic and research work, Jian Yong is an avid learner of the Japanese Sake culture and production and has been organising workshops to educate consumers on the type of sakes and how to choose sakes.   
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