Jackson Goh
Managing Director, Environment,
Infratructure Division, Keppel

Jackson is responsible for the Environment business of Keppel’s Infrastructure division and oversees the Keppel Seghers group of companies. With more than 25 years of experience across the energy and environment sectors, Jackson drives technology innovation for environmental solutions across Asia Pacific and Europe. Jackson holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from the National University of Singapore. He also holds a Master of Science in Applied Finance from the National University of Singapore Business School. 

Keppel Seghers is a global leading provider of comprehensive environmental solutions encompassing design, engineering, technology development, and construction of environmental projects. Keppel Seghers also operates its environmental-related infrastructure facilities globally with its dedicated in-house Operations and Maintenance teams. As part of decarbonisation strategy, Keppel Seghers is working on integrating carbon capture technology with its WTE plants to create a carbon-negative solution for waste management. 

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