Keishi Takemasa
Modern Asia Environmental Holdings Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Dowa Eco-System Co., Ltd.
Keishi Takemasa is a leading expert in decarbonization, known for his responsiveness to technological, economic, and global developments. Starting in 2005, he conducted pioneering research on advanced incineration technology in Japan, addressing industrial waste and strict regulations. In 2015, he anticipated a surge in lithium-ion battery waste from electric vehicles and solar power, leading market research and implementing advanced recycling processes at two Japanese factories to extract cobalt and nickel. 

By 2020, he achieved a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions at waste incineration plants by enhancing waste-to-energy efficiency and optimizing fuel consumption. Currently, Takemasa spearheads a project at Modern Asia Environmental Holdings (MAEH) to advance waste management practices, focusing on circular economy principles and technological innovation. His efforts support Singapore's societal goals and highlight his commitment to sustainable development, making him a key contributor to the global decarbonization movement.

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