Luca Spadacini
JFE Engineering Corporation
Master's degree in Process Control from Milan Polytechnic. Currently Director in JFE Engineering, Yokohama, Japan. Business field, advanced technologies for waste treatment (Gasification, MBT, MRF). 

Specifical experience in waste gasification: 

1995 – development of the first technology for the gasification of waste with pure Oxygen, construction of a pilot unit in Italy and a full-scale facility in Germany. 

1998 – Supervisor for the construction of the first waste gasification plant in Japan and further development of the technology construction of additional 6 plants. 

2006 – Engineering Manager for the design construction and trial run of a commercial scale demonstration project in Italy for the gasification of Residue Derived Fuel. 

2020 – Member of the Waste to Chemical Team in JFE, to develop the use of Oxygen driven gasification for Waste to Chemicals applications. 
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