Organised by Singapore's National Environment Agency, the biennial CleanEnviro Summit Singapore (CESG) is a global platform for thought leaders, industry captains and policy makers to convene, connect, as well as consider solutions for enabling a sustainable and clean environment.

CESG aims to identify, develop, and share practical and scalable solutions to address environmental challenges, including those caused by climate change.

Key Event Components

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Sustainability Summit

The Sustainability Summit gathers the World's top leaders to discuss global environmental issues and shape thought leadership, as well as policies in developing sustainable environmental management solutions towards a Net Zero City.

Sustainability and Clean Environment Convention

Technical conferences and seminars with a focus on technologies and solutions in advancing resource sustainability and public hygiene. In-depth discussions and insights to the latest trends.

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Environment Expo

Showcase of cutting-edge environmental technologies and services to enable the drive towards green economy and forge industry connections from business opportunities at the Environment Expo.

CESG Clean Environment Regulators Roundtable

Clean Environment Regulators Roundtable

Closed-door forum designed for senior regulators and policy makers to discuss potential solutions to key emerging challenges faced in their home countries.

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Innovation and Startup Pitches

Showcase of revolutionary concepts and pioneering startups, preview solutions presented by visionary entrepreneurs to cultivate impactful partnerships.

CESG Clean Environment Regulators Roundtable

Networking and Business Matching

Connect with global leaders, innovators, and partners who share passion for sustainability, fostering collaborations that drive meaningful environmental impact.

CESG_Youth Environment Leaders Immersion Programme

Youth Environment Leaders Immersion Programme (YIP)

Growing future leaders and support youths’ interest in environmental sustainability, providing a more sustained platform to engage them and help develop their environmental leadership capabilities.