The inaugural CleanEnviro Summit Singapore was the global platform for leaders, senior government officials and policymakers, regulators and industry captains to identify, develop and share practical solutions to address environmental challenges for tomorrow’s cities.

CleanEnviro Summit Singapore 2012 facilitated the sharing of insights on the latest environmental market trends through its plenary sessions and business forums. It comprised three pillar events that included the Clean Environment Leaders Summit,
Clean Environment Regulators Roundtable and WasteMet Asia.

Notable speakers at the event included:

  • Ms Helen Clark, United Nations Development Programme Administrator
  • Mr Tay Lim Heng, Chief Executive Officer, Keppel Integrated Engineering
  • Mr Stan Krpan, Chief Executive Officer of Sustainability Victoria, Australia

At the event, the total value of announcements for projects awarded, tenders and investment was $101.5 million.