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ENVISION Issue 14 (PDF, 18MB)

2°C or Less: What will it take to limit climate change?

Climate change is an increasing reality in many parts of the world.  The race is on to cut greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the worst effects—but will the global community get to 2°C or less before many positive feedback loops kick in?  This issue explores the development of the “Paris Rulebook”, a look inside Singapore’s Year of Climate Action and forthcoming carbon tax, Singtel’s work with SBTi to cut emissions, the prospect of solar projects around Asia, how manufacturing technology can improve environmental outcomes, and an innovative new aircon technology that slashes energy use. Plus, get an up-close look at the growing possibility of floods from heavy rainfall, several new climate-related public health risks looming in the years ahead, and much more! 

View the digital flipbook and download your PDF copy today from the National Environment Agency's website here.