DOWA ECO-SYSTEM Co., Ltd. (DES) provides comprehensive environmental services based on problem-solving methodology towards the reduction of environmental risk and the realisation of a recycle oriented society.

DES' corporate philosophy is “Promoting the formation of an environmentally sustainable society through recycling resources".

DES is a subsidiary company of DOWA Holdings Co., Ltd., established in 1884 as a mining and smelting company. DES was established in 2006 to focus on Environmental Management & Recycling.

DES offers the following services:

  1. Waste (industrial, hazardous waste) treatment
  2. Contaminated soil/ ground water investigation and remediation
  3. Non-ferrous and precious metal recycling
  4. Logistics and environmental consulting

Non-ferrous and precious metal recycling was developed in DOWA's long-standing mining and refinement operations to extract precious metals. DES is engaged in the recovery over 18 elements from printed circuit boards, mobile phones, electronics appliances and other devices. DES imports E-scrap from all over the world, and refine them in Japan and Singapore.

DES operates a wide range of waste treatment, from hazardous waste incineration, waste to energy, stabilization, sorting to purification and landfill.

Currently, DES has business network of waste treatment and recycling facilities in Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and China.

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