JFE Engineering Corporation (JFE)

Creating the Foundation for Life, “Ninau”* the Foundation for Life, is the vision of JFE Engineering Corporation (JFE), the comprehensive engineering and construction arm of JFE Group, a Japanese conglomerate with over 100 years of history in the steelmaking and shipbuilding businesses, and a worldwide leader in these fields. JFE has drawn from this unique heritage to become one of the world’s leading engineering companies, creating an extensive line-up of engineering products and services underpinning people’s lives and industries in the fields of Energy, Environment, Urban Infrastructure and Industrial Machinery.

JFE’s Environment products and services boast state-of-the-art technology, and a wealth of experience in a wide variety of sustainable infrastructure such as Waste to Energy facilities, Water and Wastewater Treatment facilities, Solid Waste to Resource facilities, as well as other renewable energy projects in areas such as Photovoltaic Power Generation, Geothermal Power engineering and Biomass Energy.

Supported by its Global Remote Center, a world-class remote monitoring facility, JFE is able to provide its customers real-time predictive operational support and expert round-the-clock assistance incorporating JFE’s unparalleled know-how as well as the latest technological advances in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

JFE is continuously committed to devoting itself to the development of new technologies by expanding its engineering capabilities into new areas, expanding its horizons while keeping sustainability at the core of its operations. At JFE, we strive to keep providing society with optimal solutions as a company that “creates the foundation of life”.

Keep your expectations high for JFE Engineering.

*Ninau: Japanese verb meaning supporting/remaining responsible 

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