LionsBot International

About LionsBot

LionsBot International is a Singapore-based robotics company that creates cleaning robots as a service for commercial, industrial and public spaces.

Built from Scratch

Every single aspect of LionsBot cleaning robots is entirely designed and produced locally with the aim for mass-market deployment globally. Equipped with our own in-house team of highly skilled and talented engineers, our hardware and software are all proprietary and exclusively made for LionsBot. Our homegrown solutions offer you complete peace of mind as we know the ins and outs of our robots thoroughly.

Born with a Strong Singapore Identity

Proudly made in Singapore, LionsBot cleaning robots are 100% Singaporeans through and through. Each of them is a cleaning specialist, yet all charged with the same purpose to ease human-intensive cleaning workforce with efficient technologies.

LionsBot with LionsHeart

Every LionsBot has an illuminated beating heart, illustrated by the flashing light of the logo. Bits of sand from Singapore is placed in the nose of the LionsBot logo; as a representation of its roots and as a symbolism to bring a piece of Singapore along to wherever places the robot travels to.

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