Clean Environment Leaders Summit

The Clean Environment Leaders Summit (CELS) will examine policies, innovations, ideas and international collaborations from a strategic standpoint, to address the environmental needs and challenges of growing cities. The plenaries will focus on accelerating climate action and decarbonisation leading up to COP27, and resource resilience in the Asia Pacific. 

CELS Plenary 1: Accelerating Climate Action in the Race to Zero 

This session brings together policy-makers and their stakeholders to delve into the critical success factors to address global challenges in our collective race to decarbonise. It will focus on the issue of accountability, the synergies and trade-offs of economic tools to drive carbon mitigation and adaptation, and how policy-makers and key opinion leaders can collaborate to evolve their country’s policies and strategies to accelerate the actions needed in public and private sectors leading up to COP27.

CELS Plenary 2: Together in Circularity – Being Resource Resilient in Asia-Pacific Cities

This session brings together policy-makers, industry captains and key opinion leaders to discuss policies that shape environmentally sustainable development pathways in cities of the future, and the types of emergent solutions, business models and productive partnerships that can bring about a resource resilient Asia-Pacific. Panellists will also discuss the outlook for collaboration among public and private sectors in the region.

Clean Environment Convention

The Clean Environment Convention (CEC) brings together industry professionals and technical experts to network, keep abreast with and exchange ideas on the latest solutions, and best practices for environmental needs and challenges. The Convention will comprise four tracks: Sustainable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Resource Sustainability, Advancing Public Hygiene (Environmental Cleaning;  Disinfection & Pest Management in an Urban Environment) and Climate Change Defence (held in collaboration with the Asia Climate Forum).

Sustainable Energy & Energy Efficiency

In an increasingly carbon-constrained world, there is a need for energy transition. The energy transition journey would require the right policies and low-carbon technologies, such as in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy. This track will focus on renewable energy in the region with innovative solutions and business models on materials and energy efficiency to encourage energy sustainability.

Resource Sustainability 

This track targets topics on food waste, renewable fuels and maximising recovering and recycling. With a focus on innovative solutions and business models for the circular economy, practitioners are encouraged to connect and exchange the latest solutions and best practices to work towards sustainable production, sustainable consumption and sustainable waste resource management.

Advancing Public Hygiene – Pest Management in an Urban Environment & Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection 

The theme focuses on the transformation journey of the cleaning and pest management sectors in relation to how the use and development of science and technology enables the industry to innovate solutions that improve public hygiene standards, overcome emerging microbial-pathogen threats and at the same time, increase productivity and efficiency. 

Climate Change Defence

This track is held in collaboration with the Asia Climate Forum (ACF). For more info about the forum, visit

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