CleanEnviro Summit Singapore 2022

The fifth edition of the biennial CleanEnviro Summit Singapore (CESG) will take place from 17 to 21 April 2022. It serves as a global networking platform for thought leaders, senior government officials, regulators, policy makers, and industry captains.

Organised by the National Environment Agency, the event is built on the theme, ‘Towards Sustainable and Climate-Resilient Cities’, with pressing and pertinent issues such as promoting circular economy frameworks, adopting climate resilient policies and safeguarding public health standards taking centre stage. The discussions will deep-dive into five key areas: 

Waste as Resource – Many societies are moving away from a linear take-make-dispose economic model to one that is circular. Through sustainable production and consumption, and transforming waste into resources, advanced and integrated waste management systems can be developed to minimise land use while maximising resource recovery and circularity. The public and private sectors have an imperative to work together to bring about a resource-resilient urban future. 

Enhanced Hygiene Standards – Effective cleaning services are essential to maintaining a clean and liveable environment in both developing and developed countries. Innovative solutions such as autonomous robotics, artificial intelligence and enhanced cleaning standards will improve cleaning efficacy, efficiency and productivity. They will also result in greater opportunities for businesses to collaborate locally and internationally. 

Effective Pest Management – Customers’ needs and regulatory requirements are rapidly evolving in the digital economy, requiring pest management companies to adopt new and innovative methods to remain competitive. With an increasing focus on integrated pest management and technology, the pest management industry is constantly evolving while producing more effective and sustainable pest control solutions. 

Sustainable Energy – The demand for energy in an increasingly carbon limited world, has depleted our resources at an accelerated rate. Challenges have emerged from the accelerated race to decarbonise, from issues of accountability to the trade-offs of using economic tools that drive carbon mitigation and adaptation. The appropriate policies and low-carbon technologies, to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy, are essential in this energy transition journey. 

Pollution Control – Smart systems can increase pollution control resources to deliver enhanced capabilities, such as the real-time study of environmental attributes, in the face of escalating demand for pollution monitoring. The adoption of these systems help with reliable and active tracking of pollution levels and trigger a fast response to mitigate environmental challenges.

The Clean Environment Leaders Summit and the Clean Environment Convention feature in-depth discussions and will provide participants with the opportunity to share global best practices. The inaugural Youth Environment Leaders Immersion Programme provides opportunities for a select group of youth leaders to explore the expo, network, exchange ideas and expertise with their peers, and learn from established leaders in the environmental sphere. The sessions are intended to enable discussions of practical and scalable solutions to environmental concerns, especially those brought on by climate change. Exhibitors at the Environment Expo will also showcase the latest in environmental technologies and solutions.

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