Hideaki Kobayashi
Modern Asia Environmental Holdings Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Dowa Eco-System Co., Ltd.
Hideaki Kobayashi is a highly experienced professional with a career spanning over four decades, specializing in environmental management, strategic leadership, and business development. His journey began in 1984 at DOWA HOLDINGS CO., LTD., where he assumed pivotal roles before moving on to key positions at prominent organizations such as DOWA HD EUROPE GmbH and MODERN ASIA ENVIRONMENTAL HOLDINGS PTE LTD (MAEH).

Throughout his career, Kobayashi has demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities, notably during his tenure as Director at DOWA ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., whereby he showcased strong leadership skills. Subsequently, as Vice President at DOWA HD EUROPE GmbH, he displayed a keen understanding of international business dynamics. His time at ECO SYSTEM JAPAN CO., LTD. further honed his expertise in environmental initiatives and sustainable practices.

Currently serving as President of MAEH for over six years, Kobayashi spearheads strategic initiatives aimed at environmental sustainability and waste management. His notable achievements include successfully leading a market expansion project in 2019 and implementing an effective crisis response strategy in 2021.

Kobayashi's core competencies include driving market expansions, managing crises effectively, and navigating complex workforce dynamics. His unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and innovative approaches has positioned MAEH as a key contributor to sustainable development in Singapore, cementing its role as a significant player in the industry.
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