Jo Lynn Teh, BCE
Director of Strategy and Business Development,
Hysia Singapore

Jo Lynn Teh, BCE, brings 15 years of experience and expertise to the pest management industry. With a background in urban and medical entomology, she holds prestigious accreditation as a Board-Certified Entomologist (BCE) from the Entomological Society of America (ESA), while serving as a Licensed Vector Control Technician (VCT) certified by the National Environment Agency (NEA). Armed with a robust foundation in operational and technical skills, Jo Lynn adeptly tackles a wide range of pest-related challenges in urban environments, spanning pest management services, pesticide manufacturing/distribution, regulatory affairs, audits/investigations, and industry policies.

In her role as the lecturer for the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) module at Republic Polytechnic (RP), Singapore, Jo Lynn shares her knowledge, experiences, and practical insights with aspiring industry professionals in her lectures. Additionally, she leverages her experience as a trained speaker and educator, conducting speaking engagements and 
training sessions, both locally and internationally. Her presentations and training sessions aim to contribute significantly to the advancement of pest management practices, fostering knowledge dissemination and collaboration within the industry.

Jo Lynn's dedication to advancing the field of pest management extends to collaborative initiatives with government agencies, industry associations, and stakeholders. As the representative of HYSIA Singapore for the Singapore Pest Management Association (SPMA), she actively contributes to shaping industry standards, policy advocacy, and 
educational outreach. Through these endeavors, Jo Lynn endeavours for a holistic approach to pest management excellence.

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