Leroy Hsu
Chief Marketing Officer,
AirTumTec Holdings Pte Ltd

Mr. Leroy David Hsu has garnered over a decade of immersive experience in facilities management and green technology. His wealth of experience spans across various domains, from driving business engagements through innovative marketing approaches to managing the learning needs of a workforce exceeding 8,000 individuals as a subject matter expert. 
Leroy is a seasoned public speaker, adeptly leading large-scale seminars, and serving as a distinguished panelist at such industry seminars. His speaking engagements also extend to hospital-led seminars, driving engagement from corporate to community-level on topics such as sustainability-driven innovation and their tangible impact on improving efficiency, productivity while reducing the use of natural resources, and lowering the release of harmful substances into our environment.  

As the Chief Marketing Officer at AirTumTec, Leroy spearheads strategic business expansion while driving engagement from all stakeholders across multiple strategic marketing and communication channels. 

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