Attachment:  SoftBank Robotics - Whiz  (PDF)
Services:  Cleaning
Category / Pavilion:  Founding Sponsor
Country:  Singapore

SoftBank Robotics has promoted the development of technology as the leading robotics solutions since launching the artificial intelligence and emotion recognition designed for the world’s first personal robot, “Pepper” in 2014.

SoftBank Robotics launched the AI Commercial Vacuum Cleaner “Whiz” in 2018, then after launched the food service delivery robot “Servi” in 2019 and is constantly offering new solutions to a wide range of industries.

In addition, SoftBank Robotics Group has established Global Partnership with Gaussian Robotics, Keenon Robotics, and AutoStore AS, and has announced an extension to our product lineup of the fully automatic floor-cleaning robot “Scrubber 50”, serving robot “Keenbot”, automated warehouse picking system “AutoStore”.

SoftBank Robotics is driving technology forward by becoming a worldwide leader in robotics solutions. Our robots are used in more than 70 countries and have offices in 12 locations; Tokyo, San Francisco, Boston, London, Paris, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Singapore, Sydney, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

SoftBank Robotics is constantly exploring and commercializing robotics solutions that help make people’s lives easier, safer, more connected, and more extraordinary.


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