Clean Environment Leaders Summit

The Clean Environment Leaders Summit (CELS) is a dedicated high-level platform designed to provide opportunities for environment leaders to connect and forge new partnerships to advance sustainability, address challenges, and enhance their knowledge of the industry. The sessions will also allow delegates to share their expertise and best practices, participate in panel discussions, and exchange ideas with other leaders. CELS will examine policies, innovations, ideas and international collaborations from a strategic standpoint, to address the environmental needs and challenges of growing cities.

CELS Plenary 1: Accelerating Climate Action in Asia

Panel Topic: Good Practices for Low Carbon Governance & Encouraging Innovation, Economic Transformation – Industry Eco-systems & Capabilities

This session encourages discussion on rethinking and re-designing policies, innovation frameworks and business models to support de-carbonisation in a rapidly industrialising Asia, as part of global climate action.

CELS Plenary 2: Towards a Zero-Waste ASEAN

Panel Topic: Good Practices for Zero-Waste Governance & Encouraging Innovation, Feasibility of a Regional Circularity Model, Economic Transformation – Industry Eco-systems & Capabilities

This topic focuses on collaborating and promoting material efficiency, and entrenching circularity among ASEAN members to mitigate the impact of waste growth in urbanising ASEAN.

Clean Environment Convention

The Clean Environment Convention (CEC) is the technical segment of CESG2021, where industry professionals and technical experts have the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and connect over the latest solutions and best practices for environmental needs and challenges. The CEC comprises four sessions, covering themes that encompass the essential technical domains that will equip environmental stewards with practical tools and insights for their respective areas of work.

CEC Track 1: Sustainable Energy

This track explores the practical measures and solutions to step up energy efficiency practices and encourage the switch to renewable energy sources, with the aim of reducing emissions and achieving resource-efficient outcomes.

CEC Track 2: Towards Zero Waste

This track is geared towards innovative solutions and business models in Sustainable Production, Sustainable Consumption and Sustainable Waste Resource Management, to close the loop on food, plastics, electronic and chemical waste streams.

CEC Track 3: Climate Change Defence

This track focuses on the use of scientific data on weather patterns to develop predictive models and effective mitigation solutions to regional climate issues, such as rising sea levels, rising temperatures and drastic weather changes.

CEC Track 4: Advancing Public Hygiene

This track discusses scientific approaches and field strategies to tackle emerging environmental sanitation and vector issues in growing cities.

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